Android Studio was unable to find a valid Jvm (Related to MAC OS)

One frequent problem users have reported is that editing, idea.vmoptions or Info.plist for various reason (e.g. to tweak the VM heap size, or to switch to a different version of the JDK, etc) has resulted in patch update warnings.

As of RC 3, we have a better mechanism for customizing properties for the launchers on all three platforms. You should not edit any files in the IDE installation directory. Instead, you can customize the attributes by creating your own .properties or .vmoptions files in the following directories. (This has been possible on some platforms before, but it required you to copy and change the entire contents of the files. With the latest changes these properties are now additive instead such that you can set just the attributes you care about, and the rest will use the defaults from the IDE installation).


额外赠送Setup Wizard - Downloading Compoments环节被墙阻断的治愈方法:

在Perefence里有HTTP Proxy,你懂的。